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Major Crimes Is It Me Or Does This Season Suck?








It sucks. First five episodes was one looooong case. Dragging it into two episodes would have been enough. By episode four I kept wondering “which boy went which what parents” by episode five I stopped caring. I just wanted it to end.


Last two episodes we have one case no end in sight. I already don’t care who did it. I suspect its the Doctor’s son who is in charge of the schedule. We saw him for.ten seconds but it makes sense since the father travels with the family.

Rusty and Gus oh just stop. As my mother said “why are we watching two depressing miserable people”? I don’t know. When Gus said “please take me back”. I said “Rusty please don’t less scenes with you two the better”.


Its quite obvious the series will end with her retirement and her husband Andy too. I bet Provenza will too. Tao will take charge with Julio taking Provenza’s job and Buzz as Andy’s replacement.

As lousy as this season is Sharon is still my favorite character on tv today.

Mary McDonnell and G.W. Bailey deserve Emmy nominations in Drama.

I wish they did not give Sharon health problems it seems to easy of an out to end the series also didn’t O’Donnell have bad health in her last series Battlestar Galactica? Oh yeah she did.

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