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Major Crimes Why Would I Continue Watching? Major spoilers (last episode aired 4 to go)








I watched the latest episode OnDemand tonight.

This was until this season by far one of my favorite series besides Hawaii 50 and for last two years Lucifer.


Why? Mary McConnell’s Sharon Rydor. She was the heart of the show. Sure Andy and Provenza are great characters but sidekicks at best. Neither can carry the show. So it will be Provenza, Andy and Rusty the show will focus on. Provenza is the new Captain.

You killed Sharon off that looked like suicide. She took her last rites and insisted in finishing the case. The doctor stressed she needed a new heart and not to walk stairs or get stressed. What did she do she cornered the murderer the murderer yelled at Sharon. Of course Provenza should have immediately pulled the killer out of the room. Sharon yelled back at the killer and literally fell face down on her desk while her son Rusty, her husband Andy plus the rest were watching via video. They tried reviving her and pronounced dead at the hospital.


It was like she wanted to die. She did think of herself as a burden but her character is a fighter yet she seemed to have quit although it seemed like she knew yelling back would be the end there was no need for her reaction. It just rubbed me the wrong way. Totally out of character. I am convinced it was a suicide and not something I would ever expect from this character I watched for 8 years (2 with the Closer). Poorly written and rushed. Also kills the show for reruns.

Now there are four episodes left. Series will be over. Why would I watch? Seriously if its to take down Phil Stroh a serial killer that was the focus a few years back in a rather annoying sidestory I have little interest in. Any storyline with Rusty is let’s face it annoying.


The series should have ended with her death.

I will probably watch seething. Maybe Major Crimes With Captain Provenza won’t be bad. Oh a little bit of Provenza goes a long ways he is totally a sidekick.

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