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Major eye roll.

So everyone has that one person on their Facebook (I know! I know....) that they kind of hate-follow, right? No? Just me? Okay then. Well anyway!

She was my roommate from college dorm life, and over the years has since married and is on her third baby, which good for you but I personally think back to back kids is crazy! I’m barely handling one, I don’t know how people do it. I have to work really hard on the being a mom thing though, some women are just naturally better I suppose. But I digress! She’s also become very religious, which I know I know, you do you and that’s fine. Me personally am of the agnostic persuasion, so I tend to give a big fat eye roll at those silly religious inspirational memes and the “if it goes against religion then it’s horrible!” posts.

Well with the recent JLaw pro-Planned Parent article, good ol’ reliable hate-follow showed up in my newsfeed commenting on an article that blasted her for supporting PP. The other comments on said article were literally “ugh. What a waste.” Like. They totally decided to hate her and all of her movies (that they used to like!), and essentially call her a waste of a person because she sought to protect herself and sexual wellbeing at Planned Parenthood. I just can’t with these people. She (former roommate) also believes that those anti-PP movies were true, ignoring the fact that, they’re, you know, not. She’s an enigma, this one. Went to nursing school, has since become a SAHM and is an anti-vaxxer. Which, you were a nurse! Wut? For someone medicinally trained, you just abandon all of that, science, everything, because religion? Yikes.


I’m sorry, I don’t want to judge, but I can’t help the side eye here. It just really pissed me off that these people just decided JLaw is a “waste” because she was able to take control of her life when religion wouldn’t let her otherwise.

I really need to hide all of these people from my newsfeed haha. It’s hard enough having a MIL who insists upon pushing religion on my 4-month old daughter. But I’m passive aggressive and keep saying things like how she’s going to be my little liberal feminist, just like mommy!


I’m a terrible person =P

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