So, I just got home after heading to the hospital with m brother. He "borrowed" my mom's SUV, got into an accident, and totaled the car. Everyone seem to be mostly okay, although he did need stitches.

I'm freaking out because my mom is already in over her head in debt because of my tuition. I'm one year out of college and I've already lost 2 different jobs. I'm panicking because I'm scared that my mom is going to have to deal with all of this and I can't help. She gets really flustered and hysterical easily, and I'm worried about her blood pressure. Because of the accident she may not be able to afford her medication this month.

I just... I don't know what to DO. I'm scared she secretly hates us. She has such bad luck with this stuff. The SAME brother got into an accident with our OTHER car, a month ago. Our house has flooded twice. She had a car stolen a few years ago. I just.... I'm pretty sure she hates us, and that terrifies me. I've never had a good relationship with her and it's been worse since after college. I'm scared that I'm not gonna handle this well and makes things worse for her. And I'm really REALLY scared that all the trouble we're causing her is going to send up her pressure and kill her.

I just.... Honestly, I'm tired and scared and crying a lot. I wish I could take this on for her :(