I was really apprehensive about going to work tonight. I knew I would be working with a new director for the first time, which is not only nerve-wracking,* but also, this director is considered by pretty much everyone at the station to be a huge jackass. I tried to avoid him as much as possible, but I couldn't help overhearing him being chatty with one of the other production staff members. They were talking about guns, and all of a sudden, I hear the director say something to the effect of β€” and totally not joking β€” "If you've got a cat that's pissing you off, just shoot it in the head." I was like OH HELL NAW!!! But seriously, what the fuck, man? I don't have the words for how messed up that is. I'm glad I'll only have to work with him once every few weeks because I would probably have a quick rage stroke if we had to work together regularly and he says stuff like that.

*There are other production staff aside from director and audio operator (what I do), but during a newscast, it's just the director and I side by side in the control room, so it often feels like a pilot/copilot-type relationship.