Mexador is a stress- and depression-eater and as such, has been overweight for a long time. His stress ordeal of the last few years (becoming main caretaker for his grandparents, who just passed away this year) has ended and he finally has a chance to focus on himself.

He started a diet in August and has lost 80 pounds so far, with probably another month or two of dieting left. And he looks great! He's gone down several shirt and pants sizes. People legitimately aren't recognizing him.

The thing is, he doesn't feel any better. He thought he'd be proud of what he's accomplishing, but he isn't. He says he will never look in the mirror and be happy, which I understand, and he will likely never feel like he's attractive to me. I said it's probably because he's carrying many years of self-image issues and other baggage, which won't clear up that quickly. I'm hoping things will get better in a few months when the weight loss is done and when he can start working out, but I feel like we both need to be prepared in case it doesn't.

Has anyone been through a major weight loss like this and experienced these emotions? Any advice?