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We share one large classroom. I got the early shift this semester, and often deal with whatever happens in the building over the weekend.

Earlier in the year, the audio cables were missing (for a music classroom - actual problem), but I handled it before the first class of the day and no one was the wiser.

Then, the projector was broken. Handled. No one had to deal with it.

Then, the piano was wedged between the computer/teaching console and the wall, with very little room for a human being to actually operate the computer or teach. Guess what I did? I moved it. By myself. Handled.

Then, the audio cables were missing again. Solved.

Then, all of the cables were plugged into the incorrect places. Solved. Like a pro. (You can hold your applause, seriously.)

I had a major event last weekend, and wasn’t back in time for my classes yesterday, which meant I wasn’t the first into the classroom after the weekend. It also meant someone else was first into the room.

It meant an older, white man was the one who had to deal with the issues himself, instead of having them cleaned up for him because I arrive thirty minutes before I want to begin teaching prep because some bullshit happens every Monday, like clockwork. QUELLE HORREUR.

There have now been five angry emails exchanged, in which it is somehow my fault, or the fault of the TA who covered my second class of the day(after his class), that the mouse was unplugged.

THE MOUSE WAS UNPLUGGED, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Not missing. Not gone. Not broken. UNPLUGGED. He had to reach down. With his hand. And put the pokey end into the little pokey end hole. WITH HIS OWN FINGERS.

It has now taken more effort to send annoyed emails about an unplugged mouse than it likely took to fix the problem.

This is what happens when you skip Monday, folks. You get a Monday on Tuesday.

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