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Make-Ahead Open Thread

Who all is getting a jump on the kitchen?

I'm hosting tomorrow. Mr.Run has to work (and will hopefully bring home several hundred in tips, fingers crossed) and my parents just moved to a new house, so I'm hosting them. It's my first time hosting. I've been anxious for weeks, so I'm trying to get a few things done today so tomorrow I can chill.

So far, I've washed the sheets for the guest bed, "dry-brined" the turkey and I just put some turkey wings on top of a very rough mirepoix and they are happily roasting in the oven. This is for the make-ahead gravy. I'm about to whip up some cranberry sauce (with orange and rosemary) and roast some butternut squash for what my mom and I like to call "squish." It's essentially mashed butternut squash with tons of butter and walnuts. Thank god my mom is I charge of pies. I'm not so good at that.


So, what all have you made ahead so far?

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