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Make It With Your Hands!

I'm waiting on a luscious huge gob of brioche dough to finish its first rise before it goes into the fridge for its second rise. The recipe, and others I've looked at, all say to use a standing mixer with a dough hook. There are practical reasons for that—the dough is pretty sticky and messy and it gets all over your hands. But the thing is... DO IT WITH YOUR HANDS ANYWAY.

I like to bake a lot of different kinds of things, and I pride myself on being able to manage yeast doughs, which a significant proportion of other bakers seem to avoid or be intimidated by. I'm not sure why that is, but I can only imagine it has to do with early experiences with a bad pack of yeast or something.


Anyway. I am tactile like a raccoon, and I just don't think it's the same if I don't do the dough with my hands. How am I supposed to know it's been worked long enough if I don't literally have my whole hands and palms all the way in it?

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