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I have compiled my resignation packet and letter and it's all set to go but I cannot push send.

I'm freaking out. I've never resigned from a position on professional terms before (have left seasonal jobs aplenty, and once just walked the fuck out of a job, but this is different).

I spent all weekend compiling lists and details of my job, wrote a job description, laid out outstanding projects, and printed hard copies. My bosses rather suck/phone their damn business in and are shady as fuck (hello, Cayman Islands banking), so I am less concerned about leaving, than incurring their wrath. They're cold, vindictive people and I don't feel like fielding unpleasant emails or calls - ever - but particularly right now.


Tell me how to bite this bullet!! or send emergency gifs!

UPDATE: So my SIL, who actually manages people, suggested waiting until tomorrow and do it in person for the extra oomph of "yes, I respect you." This is reassuring, as I feel like people tend to be less outwardly dickbaggish face-to-face, as opposed to berating me via telephone or email. On the (rather significant) chance they don't show up at the office, I will leave hard copies and email the letter of resignation.

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