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Make Me Up: Eyeshadow Suggestions?

Mama needs new eyeshadow, and I have been expanding into "adult" makeup for a while and it's time to move to eyes! I have fair skin, red hair, and blue eyes - so I typically get palettes that have a lot of warm browns and then a touch of blue or grey. I'm flexible and I tend to just blend the colors into what I want anyway. On a typical day I use very minimal eyeshadow if any, so I am looking for some really awesome stuff for when I am out and about.

I've been using Nyx which has some good pigment but I can't seem to stop it from flaking all over everywhere. I got a free sample of Ulta's brand and it's terrible pigment, haha. I tend to just jump around brands (Loreal, Cover Girl, whatever).


I do not want to spend a million billion dollars, but I am ok with the better-than-drugstore level. Currently all my face makeup is Benefit but I'm unimpressed with their eye selection.

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