For the second time this month, another GOP aide been caught saying disparaging things on social media, leading the typical refrain: don't these people know how to use social media? Why yes they do, and social media ignorance isn't the problem!

In keeping with this ironic trend, Ethan Czahor, Jeb Bush's Chief Technology Officer, was caught with some nasty tweets about sluts, gay people, and fucking Lindsay Lohan before she dies. He joins Elizabeth Lauten and Benjamin Cole in the GOP Social Media Hall of What the Fuck Are You Thinking for using these public platforms to air their ignorant, bigoted, jealous, and angry vitriol.

These three aren't the first GOP staffers to get caught saying what they really think, and they won't be the last. It's no coincidence either that all they were press people because why would posting ignorant garbage today be any different from any other day of the week?

But please don't write this off as a few incompetent press people in the GOP. They're very much not. It's very dangerous to assume that just because the GOP continues to be the party of old, crotchety white dudes who fear brown people and womenfolk being in charge is equated with your grandpa who can't figure out how to operate an electronic can opener let alone Facebook or Twitter.


Republicans might be terrible at utilizing social media, but make no mistake. Those "young guns" know damn well what they're saying every time they public compare black people with zoo animals or assuming all gay dude can't keep their hands to themselves or just sharing ideas.

The problem is these GOP and libertarian young 'uns live in an echo chamber. They work and socialize with people who think just like they do. As the gap between the rich and the poor get bigger and bigger, there are literally no historically disenfranchised and/or poor people to say, "Hey maybe this shit isn't a good idea!" Therefore, these staffers prod along in their bigoted ways until one random person sees an awful post or two and everything goes viral. Cue the empty apology/non-apology, and the cycle resets itself.


To be sure, I don't think an objection of one minority is going to change minds and ways. But at best, hearing an objection will hopefully make some of these Karl Rove wannabes think twice and realize that not everyone is born into a trust fund family where the biggest hardship will be whether or not to pick Stanford or Brown as a safety school. Or at the very worst, they'll just keep their mouths shut and quietly continue on their racist, misogynist ways like this guy did long before social media existed.

Whatever your reaction is, please don't write it off as some dumb Republican press secretary who can't figure out Facebook privacy settings. To do is to write them off as ignorant, which gives them a free pass they don't deserve. This nonsense is not a mistake or something taken out of context or misconstrued. Yes, people like Czahor are ignorant, but that ignorance has nothing to do with technology.


I anxiously await Czahor's resignation now.