Tuesdays can suck but it doesn't for this guy because of HEALTH! YEA. (OMG, she's talking about this AGAIN! WTF? Is this like AMWAY, sex toy parties, tupperware parties, candle parties, lamps that melt wax parties? WAIT, is she going to invite me to a PARTY?!?!)

Nope. No parties yet. It's a HEALTH! YEA. check-in! TL:DR on HEALTH! YEA: Make one conscious choice you wouldn't have done otherwise to be healthier each day.

I had my psych appointment last week but amidst the hubbub, I still made good choices INCLUDING to respect the ridiculous rule to not smoke outside of a friend's house (because reasons and invisible cameras).


So I'm on ADHD medication for the first time EVAR! I fit the diagnosis for it (w/o hyperactivity) and my psychiatrist even said that he had never thought of the diagnosis for me. Shouldn't things like previous medical records help with things like that? I'm all HIPPA'd up!

I feel better. Just thinking about certain long term to-dos would freak me out but I can actually contemplate them now! Since my period is now happening and possible depression symptoms, I'm acting kinda hesitantly. My mood with my period is particularly touchy so I'm really being kind to myself.


HEALTH! YEA is definitely helping and I'm making some decisions based on what I feel more motivated to do from the medication. What is great about HEALTH! YEA is that it works for this scenario as well as more physical health related items. Hopefully these choices will build up and they'll become natural habits and I'll have a healthier life! AND THAT'S THE FRIGGIN' POINT OF HEALTH! YEA TO BEGIN WITH! WOOOO!

Hope others with struggles are holding on and making a healthy choice each day to get up and keep going. What are some of your folks' healthy choices this week?