And only one hundred million years behind schedule! I'm going to go through the post I made about it before and give authorship to anyone who expressed interest there now, and then make a intro/proposed guidelines post. If you'd like authorship, just comment here and I'll set that up.

Could somebody share this announcement to Crosstalk for me, please? Thanks. (And Clashtalk maybe? Or would that be weird? I'm less familiar with CLT.)

There's been some concern expressed about subblogs taking away from the GT conversation, so what I suggest is: if you have GT posting rights and are making a makeup-related post that you would have made on GT, post it on GT and share it over at makeupetc if you want; if you want to write a makeup post but wouldn't have/can't put it up on GT for whatever reason, post it over at makeupetc. If people still have concerns or if it seems that makeup posting on GT is being undermined, I'm happy to talk about them and work out some changes.

To subscribe to makeupetc in your RSS reader, the RSS URL is (for a snippets feed that updates more often) or (for a full post feed that updates every three hours). (Substitute "makeup.kinja" for "groupthink.jezebel" or "lifehacker" or whatever to get a full post feed for any Kinja site, btw.)

ETA: if you've asked for posting rights and haven't been given them, it's definitely not deliberate, it was a technical mistake, just let me know and I'll fix it.


ETA2: there've been concerns expressed about people using the crosspost system to slide around forum rules, so I've updated the Make Up Et Cetera rules to make explicit that crossposted posts must comply with the rules for all relevant forums. I hope that takes care of that, but we can definitely revisit if it doesn't.