Hey GTers who are good at doing makeup, could you help me out? (JessPhilosoraptor and TyrannosaurusBataar, I’m looking at you!)

I’m really bad at makeup-ing. My daily makeup routine is coverup, eyeliner and mascara. I know how to do some interesting eyeshadow stuff but contouring is over my head. I’ve never in my life owned foundation. My aunt is doing my wedding makeup, and she told me I need to buy foundation, nice coverup (I use cheap stuff, I admit it, because all I use it for is under-eye circles and the 1-2 pre-period whiteheads I get), and bronzer. Do I need powder too? What brand do you recommend? I want to go for very natural looking, with something interesting for my eyes and natural lips (because GreenHunk hates lipstick). I tend to gravitate toward like Clinique or Origins when I have bought nice makeup in the past (usually eyeliner, because that’s the only makeup I’ve ever really cared about). Also, do you have any recommendations for eye makeup? I really like the 60s/Lana del Rey eye makeup style with the white eye shadow and dark winged liner, but is that too much for a wedding, especially one that’s fairy themed? What kind of makeup goes with fairy themed?

For reference, here’s a pic of my face, here’s a pic of my drawing of the dress (it’s still not done enough to get a good photo), and here’s a pic of the type of hair I’m going for.

Thank you all!