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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi all. I know there is a large push to support brands that try to be decent. Whether it’s the goal to have a larger range than normal in skin tones to be more inclusive, or an emphasis on not using animals for testing, etc, for a lot of us we don’t want our cosmetics to be from companies we consider to be douchebags.



Here are some alternative cosmetics brands you can check out —

Fenty for its foundation shade inclusiveness

MAC because of their commitment to social justice

Lush - no animal testing and Charity Pot fundraising for various charities

Bronx Colors - designed to work for all skin tones and genders

Fashion Fair - luxury makeup line specifically for women of color

Urban Decay - I don’t recall if it’s the bunny or the pawprint, but that detail on packaging means it’s a vegan formula.


Jane - emphasis on social consciousness and cruelty free products

Illamasqua - openly stated opposition to Trump ideology and fascism

Pacifica - vegan line, cruelty-free. I have used their blushes and lipsticks, both are good


Please add other ones you know of!

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