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Makeup experts, your help is needed!

So it's time to buy some new foundation, since the seemingly bottomless bottle I've been using for several years is finally starting to run out. The brand is from some weird expensive health company that my mom used to be big into and I didn't even have to pick it, she just gave me hers (since we have nearly the same skin tone) and I've been using it forever. So now I'd like to try something less obscure that I can easily buy on my own.

I'm bad at figuring out my shade on my own at the pharmacy so I'm considering going to the mall and having one of the makeup specialists at Macy's do my face for me. I went with my friend before her wedding and she got the works done and it came out perfect. She went to the Estee Lauder section and I remember it being a little pricy, but I'm at a point where I don't mind paying a little bit more for a good product so long as it works.

Here's my thing though: my skin is ridiculously sensitive. I've tried other brands (specifically Neutrogena and CoverGirl) and I always wind up breaking out like crazy. Though my acne has significantly eased up since I hit my mid-twenties, I'd still prefer to play it safe and go with something that won't destroy my skin.


So if anyone has recommendations for good brands that are fancy enough to have a booth at Macy's but are decent on sensitive acne-prone skin, I'd really appreciate it. Also I'm considering investing in some concealer, which I've never used but think it's time to get familiar with, since acne aside, my dark circles show no signs of getting any better the older I get. Any and all advice is appreciated!

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