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Makeup Hygiene Questions

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So, because I am the luckiest person on the planet, I currently have a stye. I’ve thrown out my mascara - which I presume is the culprit - and I’ve sharpened my pencil eyeliner down by a solid inch. I’m not sure what else is necessary. Should I scrub my eyeliner sharpener in hot water and bleach with an old toothbrush? Is my eyeliner fucked no matter how far down I sharpen it? If anyone has some experience dealing with eye infections and makeup, I’d love some advice! You may be asking, “why do you need advice when you’re a medical student?” Everything I’ve learned about makeup safety (like, NEVER share eye makeup) I learned taking theatre classes. They don’t really cover any of this very useful shit in med school lectures. :\ If I weren’t so opposed to putting things in the garbage can to end up in a landfill, I’d have already thrown out my eyeliner. I’d love some advice.


Thanks! Happy Friday!

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