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I makeup-ed today! And a woman at work actually asked what I did to make my eyes "look so awake". (I choose to believe this was NOT a backhanded compliment implying that I usually look dead tired.)

So anyway, I thought I'd share the top 3 pieces of advice I give my Avon customers, and hopefully you'll chime in with yours too. I'm going to skip the usual stuff we always hear, like "use sunscreen" and "smoking gives you wicked wrinkles", 'cause who don't know that, right?


1) For your face, spend as much as you can on night cream, since that's where you get the most bang for your buck as far as length of time on your skin and cell turnover to make use of the ingredients. Next on the $$ priority would be day cream, then eye cream. Or just get the best-quality day cream you can afford and use it for all 3 - if you're reasonably consistent about washing your face and using a moisturizer, you're going to be OK without tons of products. Cleanser stays on your face the shortest amount of time, so as long as it's getting dirt and makeup off without drying you out, there's no need to fork over big dollars for it.

2) If you drive regularly, use a good, rich face cream with SPF on your hands and forearms. You'd be amazed at how much sun damage happens to these areas from just a few minutes of driving every day. Slather that cream on your hands every time you buckle up and you can really delay the dreaded "old lady hands".

3) If you only have time and energy for one product, make it mascara when you're younger and lip color when you're older. Most younger folks naturally have decent-looking mouths, but a coat of mascara really wakes anyone right up. As you get older, your lip color often fades, and brightening up your mouth is a quick way to brighten up your whole face.

Okay, what advice would you share?

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