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Makeup: On Loving What You Have


So I began documenting my attempt to run through my makeup this year (by at least "hitting pan" on a number of products, if not use them up entirely), and I've learned two very valuable things:

1) Makeup takes for-fucking-ever to use up. And it makes me feel guilty for having so much of it.


2) There comes a point when you've been using the same products for so long that you really do learn how to work with your face, rather than go chasing after the newest, hottest color.

On that second point, I've gotten much much better at doing a simple, pretty, every-day look that isn't trendy or particularly artsy, but just looks like me-but-better.


While I do sometimes itch to try something new (particularly with eye shadow), it's strange to get to a point where I remember that this is what makeup is supposed to do for me. I mean, I do love to get creative with it, but at the end of the day I should be wearing the makeup, not the other way around.

Has anyone else started to do a make up rehab? How are you coming along?

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