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Makeup Revolution Haul: Part 2 LIPSTICKS!!!

Woohoo, I finally got around to posting the second half of my Makeup Revolution video! And yes, in the video I do have lipstick all up and down my arm like a toddler, what can I say, I'm classy like that, hahaha. I ended up getting it all over the white chair I was sitting in, oops. Any ideas on how to get lipstick off of furniture?

I really loved the lipsticks, especially their matte lip creams which seems to be almost exact dupes for the Anastasia matte creams and Lime Crime Velveteens (btw, don't buy from Lime Crime, they had their site hacked, and all CC numbers were stolen, and its seems to be still going on, so glad I didn't buy from them!!!)

I plan to try some of their other colors in the Salvation Matte brand, as well as another line they have called "Lip Huggers". I'm just waiting to see if the have a Spring sale like Sephora/Ulta have.


Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions about lipstick dupes, high end, drug store, or whatever, just let me know :)

Plus, as always, feel free to give me honest feedback on how I can make my videos better. I have so much fun making them, and I want others to have just as much fun watching them <3

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