Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Nails too, possibly hair and other stuff. So far involved are me, lovelylipstick, How_It_Happened, Edie Beale, Edith Grove (ETA: JessPhilosoraptor). I'm fine with doing the technical setting up bit, but we need name suggestions (ETA: we can't use names that are already taken by other beauty blogs, though) and rule/guideline suggestions. I'll put mine in the comments. Also, if somebody could share this to Crosstalk, that'd be great.


More things:

-I kind of want to name it decorations-committee or self-deco. All the good, sensible names are taken already by other beauty blogs. Honestly, I might just call it self-deco.kinja.com. Would that be awful?


-Anyone can be an author if they post within of the rules and the spirit of the guidelines and aren't known to harass Kinja users on other blogs.

-Include skincare and hair or not? Or one but not the other? For what reason/s?

-No NSFW at all, or NSFW marked?

Proposed rules and guidelines so far:

1. When posting pics of your made up face/nails, include a product list when possible.


2. Only post criticism that's constructive, and only on posts where people have indicated that they want it.

3. Keep comments (even positive comments) on pics focused on makeup/hairstyling, rather than on people's attractiveness/innate physical features.


4. Try to bear in mind that makeup plays very differently on different skin tones and that a lot of what's marketed as one-tone-fits-all is actually designed only for white people.

5. Try to keep comments in a general spirit of non-judgementalness of others' bodies and style.


6. Try to bear in mind inclusivity of makeuppers on lower budgets.

7. Don't download or repost elsewhere anyone's photos. (However, there's no way we can enforce this, so be aware of that when posting.)


8. Ask the author before sharing a post elsewhere on Kinja or linking it to it anywhere else. (However, there's no way we can enforce this, so be aware of that when posting.)

9. Don't doxx anyone.

10. Use content notes for spoilers and traumatic subjects. I can't see there being much discussion of either, but if there is, content note it.


Rules can be changed as we go, so tomorrow morning I'm just going to look over the comments, incorporate suggestions, pick a name (there's a strong chance it'll be 'decoration' based, a lot of names are taken already), set it up, and add everyone who's commented here as an author to start off with.

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