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Makeup talk/PSA - I'm obsessed

So I recently ordered some makeup from ColourPop which is an LA-based makeup company. They have really affordable makeup that is vibrant, full of fun colors, and pretty to look at :) For instance, their “lippie sticks” are $5 each and come in TONS of different colors (I got one of these, and it’s called “Feminist”👍👍👍); their ultra-matte liquid lipsticks are $6 (and come in normal lip colors as well as bright colors like bright purple, teal, turquoise, dark blue, etc.); their shadows are $5; and their highlighters/blushes are $8. Plus, shipping is free in the US, and you can get $5 off if you subscribe to their newsletter, I believe.

ANYWAY, I am literally OBSESSED. The box it came in is awesome. The packaging is A+++. They even left me a handwritten note that was adorable. And, the products I’ve tried so far have been great! I got 7 of the ultra-matte liquid lipsticks and have only tried one so far. I put it on at 4pm last Saturday and it was really opaque, albeit very drying since it’s ultra matte, and lasted really well for nearly the 12 hours that I was wearing it. I touched it up at the center twice within that time period, but it was very minor.


Anyway, I just wanted to share this brand with you guys, especially if you’re into fun lip colors and dig affordable makeup. One thing I should mention, though: they don’t accept refunds unless the makeup was damaged during shipping/handling.

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