So the Geekboy and I spent the day hanging out with our best couple friends. The Geekboy went to high school with the wife and the both of them worked at the supermarket with the the husband. The wife is really cool, the four of us always have a good time, and she and I Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest each other. We're not on the same page politically, they're more conservative but fiscally not socially. I can work with that. We're even all going on a cruise together in March.

I want to ask her to hang out just the two of us, but A.) I'm nervous B.) What's a good friend first date? Should I wait till after the cruise in case it doesn't work or these weirdness? Should I wait till the cruise and use that opportunity that way if it doesn't work it might be less weird? Because obviously what happens on vacations doesn't carry over to real life. This is the first time I've tried to make a friend outside working together or the friends I had from college and high school. Other than you guys, because I love you guys.