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Making ban men into a reality

Techcrunch talked about a women-only space online, as someone shared on GT earlier today.


There's also the siren dating app, where men are pre-screened based on responses. This is actually an interesting idea, but it probably wouldn't be effective outside of larger cities.

Women control who sees their image, who can communicate with them and what type of date to pursue.

, they're prompted to take an in-app photo to ensure that "you really look and are like your profile," Lee said.

Next, the user is prompted with an open-ended "question of the day." The female users will see all the men who responded that day; if a woman likes a man's take, she can either choose to make herself visible to him or save his profile to scope out future responses and get a broader sense of his personality.

"You're trying to make strangers less strange, and in order to do that, you have to put something of yourself out there," Lee said, adding that she hopes this gives a more complete, up-to-date personality portrait of a user than the typical profile list of likes and dislikes.

On the flip side, a male user will see the female user's answers without seeing a profile picture. If his interest is piqued, he can hit an option to notify Siren. The app acts as a third party, alerting the woman that a user liked her answer and inviting her to check him out. The woman can ultimately decide to make herself visible.

In addition, there's the namesake "Siren" call: A woman can express what she wants in real time — whether it's drinks, a quick walk around the city or an activity hinted at with coy ellipses.

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