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Making friends as an adult

I moved here six months ago with my boyfriend so that I could go to grad school. He lived here a couple years ago so he still has some friends in the city. I've met them, we get a long well, we are friends - but no one I can call to vent my problems or out of the blue go get a coffee with, if you see what I mean. I kind of feel like it's up to my boyfriend when and what we do with them since they are his friends to begin with.

I just haven't made friends in my program or any at all. Our classes are in the evening so by the time class is over everyone hightails it home. There has been one dinner party this semester. I went and had a really nice time but I just don't know move beyond that. I feel like everyone I meet is set in their group of friends, why add some outsider?

My boyfriend is very much an introvert, the majority of social obligations are nuisances to him. I don't think he quite understands why I get upset when I see all my friends back home posting photos of Annie's bachelorette weekend and I am stuck here alone. It is really wearing down on me, compounded with the winter etc I've just been depressed. I just think back to all the times where I've struggled to make friends throughout my life and feel like I'm kind of doomed. What's a girl to do?

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