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How does one, as an adult, make new lady friends?

I have several very close friendships - like 6 women that I know I can call at any moment for any reason. I adore them. Unfortunately, none of them live in my city. Well, one does, but now she's gone for the summer and I've come to the realization that I don't have any great girl friends here. That being said, I tend to invest a lot in my friendships and thus can be sort of picky about it. I have a couple acquaintances and people I can get drinks with, but nobody that I really strongly connect to. Also, most importantly, nobody to go dancing with.

My group of friends from work is exclusively male. They are great but I really just want someone who will ... you know... do girly shit with me. Dance and go see Belle and drink mimosas etc. More than that - I guess this is an inarticulate way of saying I miss having a strong female bond.


So! I know I could like, join clubs or intramurals but is there really any other way? How has anybody else made new girl friends organically as adults??

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