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Making hand pies

Tonight I'm planning on turning some of my leftover turkey and pie crusts into hand pies, because a) hand pies are adorable and b) I think they might be easier for storing and reheating than pot pies. But, I've never made hand pies before, so I have a few questions.

1) Should I freeze them before or after baking? I'm thinking before, but some of these are going to ManBerry, and he often doesn't have the time/patience to cook them, but would eat them if he could reheat them in the microwave.


2) What do I fill them with? Can I use a pot pie mixture, only a little thicker, or am I right in thinking that will make the crust all soggy? Most of the recipes I've seen for turkey hand pies are either just turkey, which sounds boring, or call for all the other Thanksgiving leftovers (mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, etc) and I've already eaten those. So, I don't know what to put in them with my turkey. I still have cranberries, but I want to eat those cold on the pie, not hot in the pie.

3) Any other suggestions for what I can do with leftover pie crust? I have 3 I need to use and won't need them all for hand pies, but don't want to put the unused ones back on the freezer.

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