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Making It Episode 2 - "Nick are you pooping right now?"

Amy and Nick were stiff last week but this week both of them clearly said “screw it” and went full steam ahead. It was hilarious and charming and they should never ever stop making this show! Simon Doonan got into the wacky groove too and Etsy lady tried.



This week crafters were asked to make terrariums and forts for kids (along with a toy that tied to the fort theme.)


That San Francisco terrarium was gorgeous, even if did have glitter.

The Butterfly fort was a great idea although I would have loved to see it with more color on the fabric covering, and possibly having it sit on a base so more than one kid could get in.


The taco truck fort was meh but the toys included (tacos from felt) were amazing and intricate. Lol forever at the tiny pig smiling from inside the taco.

I love the circus tent (Quirkus) but especially the toy box designed like an old timey animal cage.


The geometrical fort looked like kids could use it for multiple functions and that kind of discovery is an awesome part of play. I liked the puzzles too(I’m not calling them tangrams dude, sorry)

The sad bit:

Rick leaving. His fort didn’t work out but he was so thrilled at being able to be a part of the group.



When Amber and Amy were talking about her fort’s vinyl floor making it easy clean especially if a kid hid in there to poop (which is I guess a “thing”?) which led to the quote above and hilarity.


Seriously guys, renew this show.I would rather watch 27 of these than one episode of The Bachelor (vom).

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