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TW: weight, dieting

Me last week: fuck, this weight-loss plan has really plateaued. I am eat a fuckton of carbs, I need to cut back on the carbs.

Me Saturday: on nomm nomm giant peanut butter cookie... (I have got to get my shit together and make better choices.)


Sunday: SCONES!!! (Okay, I will get back on track tomorrow.)

Monday: coworker brought chips and homemade salsa. Amazingly good salsa. (Dammit I should have controlled myself. None of the leftover chips tomorrow. NOPE this stops here.)

Tuesday: different coworker brought homemade zucchini bread. 4 loaves. (Ugggghhh so good at least I am not eating those leftover chips like it’s my job.)

Today: different coworker brought homemade gooey butter cake* for their birthday (Good thing it would be rude to say no because fuck it at least I am not eating any more chips or any more zucchini bread.)


The good news is I know why I’m not losing weight! The bad news is I really like food and apparently have less willpower than usual this week.

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