I've never "dumped" a guy before so when I realized I wasn't really into this one dude I've been on a few dates with, I was crazy anxious about what to say/do. I want to give a big thank you/shout out to anotherbev, lovelylisey and ohtheglory27 for helping me not be a jerk about it. Beyonce kisses!

It was honestly really scary and I felt bad about letting him down. But like everyone was telling me, there was no sense in wasting his time. I don't want to be someone who strings other people along.

Anyway, MBA Guy took it really really well. He was a bit disappointed, of course, but he said he appreciated my honesty. I literally let out a sigh of relief when he responded fairly kindly. I wasn't expecting him to get angry since he didn't seem like that sort of fella, but you really never know. So at 28, I've dated and released a guy for the first time. And I'm ok with it. I had been doing the sex with this guy and normally I get super attached after one sexing. This time, I had very realistic expectations, kept my mind in the right place and figured out that while we are sexually compatible, we aren't super compatible otherwise.


He then, of course, offered to be my Fuck Buddy. I said no, I wanted a proper boyfriend. That is a HUGE step for me. In the past I've just taken whatever I could get with guys because of major self-esteem issues. Demanding proper treatment and not being some dude's fuck doll is all new territory so I'm pretty proud of myself.

Second bit of nice news was that I had a great date with a guy I'll call Ginger Beard because he has a lovely red beard. Yea...I'm not very creative.

He was super nerdy like me and we laughed through most of dinner. We literally talked for 4 hours and closed the place down. I'm pleased that I've had decent luck with OK Cupid so far.


And now, some more entries from *The Winner's Circle!* (aka bad filtered out messages from dudes who have super low percentage matches):