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How was your weekend? Does anyone have off today?

A few of you may know of my little noodle, QuiQue. I was jut thinking about it and wanted your input. I’ve always had female cats and while they were always very warm, and loving the scritches, they were never really lap cats and kind of wanted their own space more. QuiQue is my first male cat and he wants to be around or on me ALL. THE. TIME. He’s around six months now so still a kitten but if I’m on my laptop, he’ll want to crawl into one arm, and will pass out against my arm/chest. I will also wake up to him curled up on my chest in the mornings, which I don’t even notice until my alarm rings. It’s just absolutely adorable and new at the same time because I’m not use to cats being so affectionate and needing human contact so much. I’m definitely loving it though!


What have your experiences been?

Here are a few pics of the little guy - please share yours also!


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