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Male writers sorta keep on writing after death female writers not too many

After the fleamarket. Oh if you set up at a fleamarket and selling a videogame, dvd or cd make sure there is a game, dvd or cd in it. Today I was about to buy two videogames that were smack dab on the table and guess what, both empty.

Back to the topic. I walked by the book section in the grocery store and saw new books by Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy and Robert B Parker. All dead. Are these reprints? Nope. New books all ghostwritten although if the ghost writers names are on the cover are they really ghostwritten?

There were 0 books written by dead female writers only male.

I am not counting Carolyn Keene since she never existed and numerious writers wrote the original books.


Jane Austin I know there have been sequels to her novels. Shockingly I found just one new Agatha Christie Poirot novel.

Its not that there are not female writers who though dead whose novels could continue like Elizabeth Peters Peabody novels. The Cat Who novels even. PD James her Dagliesh novels. Series novels post death would be easier to write and publish. The dead male writers its all series novels.

James Patterson created a system that should long outlast him. Or are there more female writers who died but new books continue.

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