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After posting about the horrrrrrribbbble Riverdale I thought I would post about a series I discovered and finished first storyline and its really good.

The first storyline is 12 episodes first 9 episodes range from five to seven minutes the last three 10 is a minute and last two total 20 minutes. Too many scary webseries are so slow ie Sunshine Girl.

This hits the pedal to the metal in first episode. You never quite get what’s happening and neither does Alice. Her mother’s grandmother died so her mother, father, Abby with Alice moved into the home which is next to a cemetary. Yeah that is important. Everything with her parents is slightly off.

Forget Riverdale this is what you want to see. I am trying to get into the next storyline which takes place a year later but not quite as good.


What good horror webseries are there. Haunting of The Sunshine Girl I got bored quickly too focused on explaining stuff and veer on tangents. I loved the Ghost Woman who tried teaching Sunshine on combating bad ghosts but one never was sure how honest she was.

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