Not much of a problem in the big scheme of things, but I feel bad.

Today I'm taking my youngest son on his first field trip to a pumpkin patch. He's so excited. There will be a hayride, picking pumpkins, and interacting with the farm animals (not really a big deal for a country kid like him).

The problem is my daughter, who is in kindergarten, is going on a field trip today, too. They're going to a different pumpkin patch. I won't be able to go along, obviously, so I asked my mom if she would tag along. She agreed after much huffing and puffing.

But I still feel like I should be with my daughter as well as my son. They are going to be a grade apart throughout their school years. I'm going to be forced to choose one over the other again and again. Not to mention my oldest son's school activities. WTH will I do when I have to choose something between all 3?


I know I'm lucky that I get to participate at all. My husband has never even been in their schools because he is always at work. I just hate having to choose

Oh, yeah. On Halloween my son and daughter's classes are having parties. At. The. Same. Time.
Parenting is hard, y'all.