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If you have not gone stop reading right now and go see it.

Sometimes in movies there is rare event where a sequel is better then the original. This was it. The first one was wonderful but seems to hold back attimes too stagey.


This was not. Wide vistas and was a movie which was a musical. Not a stage musical which happened to be a movie.

I do admit the present day storyline was a but dull. But the 1979 storyline was A plus. This had Donna graduating from Oxford then her world journey that lead her to Greece the three future dads. Donna looked a bit like a young Meryl Streep but her pals were incredible in how they matched to Christine Baransky and Julia Waters.


The songs also flowed better and connected better with the story. I loved pPierce Bronson’s face and reaction to the line “at 17 oh year”. It was jarring if you thought about it.

Lily James did a fantastic job as Donna. She had a good job singing.

Oh the stick in the mud reviewers who whine about “second tier” Abba songs. Well I never heard I Kissed The Teacher and I am amazed My Love, My Life is considered a second tier Abba song. This was a showstopper and so beautiful with Lily James starting then the ghost of Meryl Streep continuing.


I hope they adapt it to stage. I would use the present day story line as bookends or have it just be the 1979 s5ory.

Here is the original MlML I am amazed by Agentha’s voice. Wow.

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