Robot says warning zombie talk.

I got this at a thrift shop a week ago. Its 500 plus pages of black and white comic zombie goodness. The best story is the longest at circa 100 pages. Dead Eyes Open.

Its about the dead coming back essentially like before. Their bodies desire cold air, they do not sleep either. The question is what to do with them. Not everyone comes back. The living were the dangerous ones since many living folk killed zombies. The story focuses on a psychologist who came back from the dead and the government used him as the zombie spokesperson. He had enough troubles his young daughter rejected him. A zombie senator got a law passed the dead had to be given their jobs back and wills were voided if the will maker returns to life. It looks at the economy impact zombies will spend more since they do not sleep. The fear zombies have the living are out to get them. The government tried to put them in camps but online fear ran amok. This was the best comic in the book by far. The vast majority were good.

I could not get into the comic inspired by Robert E Howards Pigeons From Hell. I may try to find the original story first. Anyone familiar with this Howard story. This is second longest circa 60 pages.


Dead Eyes Open is the best alternative take on zombies since Handling The Undead by John Lindvist. If you never read the novel do it now.