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Man adopted from S Korea 38 years ago deported from US

This story is so enraging. At the age of 3 Adam Crapser and his sister were adopted by an American family. Then the family abandoned the siblings when they moved from Michigan to Oregon. The siblings were broken up, and Adam was adopted by a family that abused him and his adopted siblings. No one ever sought American citizenship for Adam, and he came under federal scrutiny after he applied for a green card. Because he had had criminal convictions and had served 60 days in jail, he was ordered deported to South Korea, where he does not speak the language.

The only bright spot is that because of the publicity around this case, his birth mother has come forward. She attempting to learn English so she can communicate with him now that he is back in Korea. However, the reason she gave up her children in the first place is that she is disabled, and could not care for them.


This is an utter crap storm. I have a brother who is also adopted from South Korea, and I am fairly certain that his Canadian citizenship came with his adoption. I am also horrified by how he seemed to fall through the cracks after his adoption. (Not surprised though, after hearing about the horrific case of a girl a number of years back who was adopted from Russia by a single man who was pedophile. The adoption was so loose no one even checked on her living conditions. If they had they would have discovered that she didnt have her own room.)

Despite his convictions he tried to play by the rules and get a green card, which screwed him. This case isn’t going to encourage other people who have fallen through the cracks to try and do things legally.

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