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Man explains why my crabbiness is not valid. Thank you, man.

I am very crabby today. Very. This may be down to the amount of mulled wine I consumed last night, or to the crap sleep I’ve been getting lately (I seem to be having a lot of Trump nightmares; I wish I was kidding). So perhaps that’s why this article pisses me off.


Or I could be crabby from PMS. Who the fuck cares? All I know is, I have irregular-as-hell periods and I can’t tell when one is coming, so ostensibly I should be PMS-blinded. And yet, even before I knew what PMS was supposed to be, there were frequently weird things that happened before I menstruated, like I’d have sore groin muscles or I’d have a terrific basketball game in which I never got tired. Now that I’m old enough to know what the culture thinks PMS is, and feminist enough to dispute that, I still occasionally have inexplicable pain or annoyance or anxiety for a day or two that is then explained when I’m like, oh.

This guy argues that PMS is cultural based on two things:

1) historical (hystorical?) descriptions of it
2) exposure of non-US women to US culture makes them more likely to suffer from it.

That’s stupid. For one thing, it ignores all of Europe. For another thing, he isn’t exactly great about naming example non-PMS-y countries that aren’t also pretty unfeminist. And, all the things he lists as PMS-related symptoms are things that struggle to get recognition and treatment anyway (including in men!) because medical science is often rubbish.

So he can go fuck himself.

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