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Man held in Solitary 43 years, despite 3 Overturned Convictions

In the early 70's Albert Woodfox was an inmate in Lousiana's notorious Angola prison. The prison was racially segregated, and guarded by white prison guards, and white armed inmates. Violence and sexual slavery was rife in the prison.

Together with another inmate, Herman Wallace, Albert Woodfox founded a prison chapter of the Black Panther Party, and campaigned to improve prison conditions for all prisoners.

Then in 1973, Wallace and Woodfox were convicted of murdering a prison guard. The trial was full problems, most notably the fact that the only evidence against the two was the statements of other inmates who received favours in exchange for their testimony.


Herman Wallace's conviction was overturned in 2013 and he was set free. Tragically, he died two days after being released from prison.

Albert Woodfox's conviction was overturned for the third time in 2013 as well, but the Attorney General has opposed his release from prison. He has a bail hearing coming up on March 2. If the AG opposes bail for Woodfox again, his case will be sent to the Supreme Court.

Amnesty International is running a campaign calling on the Government of Lousiana's not to oppose bail for Albert Woodfox.

You can find the campaign here:

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