I know I’m late to the remembrances, but I just finished reading a book and I wanted to tell a bit of a spooky story.

I saw this book two weeks ago, before we started hearing about the upcoming anniversary, The Red Bandanna. Now, red bandanas are pretty ubiquitous. My dad has a few. I have an unlucky one that capsizes boats. The red paisley pattern is pretty standard. But I saw this book, and my first thought was “A man in a red bandana”. In the wake of September 11, 15 years ago, came the stories of survival. And I remember reading one of them at the kitchen peninsula, reading about a man who helped others down to safety and then went back up. He was nameless, because those he saved didn’t know his name. I was 11 when I read this.


So I thought, how funny that it should make me think of this man I read about once 15 years ago and never again. I opened the front cover to read what it was about and I wasn’t even surprised to see the words September 11. I was spooked, nonetheless. I guess that red bandana is just one of those things about the attacks that got drawn indelibly on our brains.

His name is Welles Crowther. He had been in the middle of applying to become an FDNY firefighter, while working at a financial firm in the South Tower, and wound up being posthumously named an honorary member of their ranks.