But first, I have to say a BIG thank you on approving me for authorship! When I saw I now had the ability to post to groupthink, I pounced on my poor unsuspecting, sleeping husband out of excitement, scaring the hell out of him! But while I'm on the topic of him, I thought I'd ask for some advice!

My hubby, Mr. L, went in for some routine blood work a few months ago, and was told he has a lower than normal testosterone levels, and was referred to a specialist for treatment. He has his first appointment with the endocrinologist this afternoon, and I'm quite interested to see what he has to say. I know that this is somewhat common in men who take opiates long term (Mr. L is a fellow recovering addict, also on methadone) so it really didn't come as much of a surprise to either of us. Especially since we are both well aware he's been feeling the symptoms such as depression, moodiness, low energy levels/fatigue and a dip in sex drive, among other things. It can be quite frustrating for both of us at times, so I'm really hoping the endocrinologist will be able to provide him with some relief!

Have any of you's had any experience with men with Low T, and if so, did they find the treatments sufficiently helped to relieve the symptoms? I was hoping that one of my fellow GT'ers might have some experience or input.

*Apologies on the lack of title, my phone is giving me troubles, and on my first post no less. Love how those issues have impeccable timing, eh?