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Man Says Women Can't like Top Gear, Sports, Etc

Oh look! Another fine think piece written by a man who knows exactly what us women don't like and can't do. Ladies, do you like things men usually do? Well stop it, it's emasculating!

A journalist named Neil Lyndon wrote an article for The Telegraph (in a section inexplicably called "The Thinking Man") explaining how Top Gear and the three men who host it have made liking cars (gasp) UNCOOL. While he seems to really dislike the impish trip of Clarkson, Hammond and May, he thinks that liking cars and Top Gear are the sole domain of men.


Top Gear has got a lot to answer for but one of its leading offences has been to outlaw cars as a subject for discussion in the presence of women. You can get away with politics or business at a dinner party (subjects that used to be forbidden in what was known as polite company). You might even be tolerated for five minutes with a strained smile if you bring up the subject of football. But mention cars and you invite the big sigh and the rolling eyes that go with the acid question "Oh dear: you boys aren't going to have one of those dreary Top Gear talks, are you?" Was there ever a woman who liked Top Gear?

Uh. Yeah, there have been. I'm one of them. I fucking love Top Gear. It's silly and funny and completely over the top. I love how much the hosts antagonize each other. I love how they do challenges that always end in abject failure. I love pretending to be The Stig while driving down this one twisty road near my house. I am a woman and I love Top Gear. Do I not exist, Mr. Lyndon?

Look at the example he paints of a woman. Rolling eyes, bored sighs, acidic questions. Gee. Thanks.


He goes on to insist that men have "always, traditionally, been interested in cars" (yes, I'm sure Beowulf was dying to get a BMW) and that women, environmentalists and safety advocates absolutely RUINED the love of cars for serious gentlemen of quality like himself.

Thankfully, the comments of the article all almost uniformly point out how sexist and wrong he's being, but it's depressing that this is still a thing and it gets published on the fucking Telegraph. This isn't the Daily Mail, here.


I had a bit of a meltdown over it on Twitter because I am SO FUCKING DONE with this bullshit.

So, remember ladies. We are all one big, monolithic block of barely-people and we aren't supposed to like Top Gear, cars, sports or anything boys like. I'm so glad someone told me before I made a fool of myself and watched another Top Gear episode on Netflix. Better go find a soap opera or romantic comedy that's more suited for my special lady brain.

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