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Man~splain Insomnia

I went to my actual bed, with a Walligator, 3 hours ago. Yet, I’m still up. It’s not right. Even my Mookie on the dog bed is concerned.

I have more shit to do in the morning than is possible, but I’ll make it possible like all of you do every day. I’m laying awake thinking about all you’ve shared around here. It’s helping me in the most fucked up, generous way.

I was told to stop interrupting on Thursday, on a phone call I initiated because the man person I called was fucking up enough shit to make my work harder. So, I called to ask him to stop wrecking shit. He could not hear me. ‘Splained some stuff. Nothing accomplished. “Interrupting” is the new shut the fuck up.


Again today; different man.

I am the common denominator here; I get that. I may be wrong. But, maybe I’m not.

I may also be tired of the endless bullshit. Speaking up might get you punched down.

Anyway, we’ll all get up tomorrow & do our work. xoxo

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