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....one Manhattan-based real estate head (yep) when he busted into the Tribeca home of his ex-girlfriend to draw male genitalia on his own paintings.

Choice quotes

He concluded the rampage by emailing her colleagues at the Gansevoort Hotel Group, calling her a "harlot" and a "home wrecker."


and then

41-year-old adult man Sean Ludwick was exceptionally displeased by the apparent infidelity of his former girlfriend, 40-year-old Lana Trevisan, whom he reportedly left his own wife and two kids to pursue. The affair seems to have ended badly

He's also a part of team YOLO

Ludwick is, however, a member of the "Power of Now" group, which describes itself as a forum for "discussion and learning the methods of living in the present moment." The description does not say anything about penises


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