On what I thought was a pretty obviously meant-to-be-funny post about lowering my dog out of the window on a pulley, I've gotten:

"Give the dog up, you don't deserve it. And don't have kids either, good lord, what if they had to go to the dr's. or something in the rain or snow, lower them down and have a cab pick them up? *Sheesh*"

"You're a fucking terrible pet owner. You should not have pets, or children for that matter."

"if you don't want the responsibility that comes with being a pet owner, and I mean 100% of the responsibility. Don't be a damn pet owner."


And the piece de resistance - a troll-ish post FROM AN ACTUAL AUTHOR (A Kotaku author, but still). I'm honestly flattered:

"There's a real simple solution to this, and it's called don't own a dog if you live in an apartment. They're roaming animals, and the larger they are, the more miserable they are being confined in an apartment all day."


Everyone dismissed except the author. Honestly, who are these people?