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So Manafort is in court to take a plea deal.
Ken Dillanian on MSNBC reporting that the proscecutor called it a COOPERATION DEAL and that if he cooperates, they will drop some of the charges depending on if he follows through telling them what happened.

OMG. Maybe Trump will have a stroke. You guys!

Not for sure yet, but it sounds hopeful—prosecutor was the pitbull Andrew Weisman! Omg omg......I am so excited.


Manafort is agreeing to forfeit about $50m in property and accounts relating to the charges.

Crickets so far from the WH/Trump.

Fuckabee Sanders just made a statement that the Manafort issues have “nothing to do with President Trump”. hahahahahahahaha

Guiliani statment saying essentially the same thing---that it has nothing to do with Trump.    

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