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Managed Expectations

I need to have a gripe over something that is arguably pretty trivial, but bothers me nonetheless.

I go to the movies a lot. I think my total number of visits to the theatre last year was over 80. I tend not to read movie reviews often - I'm a pretty good judge of what I'm going to like or not - but when I do, I find that a lot of the time, the reviewers have gone in with completely unrealistic expectations of what they're going to see.


Take today's selection - Now You See Me - for instance. This is a movie about magic and thievery and deception and illusion released in June. There is nothing about this that suggests it will make the awards show circuit, that it will have truly meaningful dialogue or be anything other than a lighthearted good time. Yet reviewers are disappointed, mentioning plot holes, thin character development and a silly twist ending. What did you expect???

I went in expecting some fun, some witty repartee, and an overall not wasted couple of hours. And that's precisely what I got. Color me satisfied. Had there not been a few plot holes or more rounded out characters, I would be pleasantly surprised. I guess I just don't understand why some reviewers want to judge all movies on the same scale.

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