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Managing Anxiety help?

The past few weeks I’ve been realizing my generally mild anxiety has been spiraling out of control to the point of manifesting in really difficult to manage physical symptoms. At first I thought it was just my acid reflux acting up so I kind of ignored it while I fixed my diet and waited for things to settle... but here I am 2 weeks later with a hand covered in my stress eczema and a throat that won’t unclench.

Busy season at work was October and the beginning of November so my stress levels should be low compared to what they’ve been but it feels like my body can’t get out of the panic it was in for those 5 weeks straight. I have a couple days scheduled off in December for Star Wars and Christmas, so I do have some planned relaxing time coming up... it’s just so far out at this point.

So I’m planning to see my doctor after Thanksgiving to see if he is willing to give me something to help my body recalibrate. I don’t know if I need anti-anxiety meds or just a muscle relaxer.


I have tried to do a little googling to see if there’s a low-stakes low-dose kind of anti-anxiety I could try out, but I’m not coming up with much. Can anybody share their own experiences with medical interventions for this stuff? Do you know of something that might help me manage it more organically between now and then?

Thank you so much for always being here, GT. I know I’ve been scarce over the last forever. I lurk a lot these days, but it’s comforting knowing you’re all here. Please excuse if this is rambly and long I took nyquil to help me sleep and it’s kicking in.

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