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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Managing people sucks balls

Seriously, I am T-minus 2 days from my beach vacation that I really really need, and everyone in the office is in a shitty mood and I have had to spend all morning trying to make them feel better. And some of them are so worked up they can’t even talk- no doubt because everyone around them is having drama fits and they hate all the chatter. Sigh. Everyone get noise cancelling headphones and just get your work done, please. I don’t have time to give everyone free therapy today. But I can’t just tell these people to get over their shit because I’m their boss, so I have to at least look like I care. If I could just manage the work, without having to deal with the people, it would be like 1/10th as hard. People are annoying. I really need this vacay. ETA: For cripes' sake- I specifically told one of my employees to handle a thing, and just stop responding to the email chain that was people dodging responsibility. Just actually do the thing, and give up on the email trail trying to make some other department do their jobs. Then what does she do? RESPOND TO THE EMAIL TRAIL WITH HOW EASY IT WAS TO RESOLVE. Which, yes, I know, they should've done this, and most likely they did not call like they said, I agree. But we have no proof they were lying, we have no mechanism but asking nicely to get them to do their job. And we could've resolved this in 5 min. with a phone call 2 weeks ago instead of emailing them repeatedly to make a call. Which yes, is the other dept's job, but again- all we can do is send the info to them and then let it go. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL OF CHEESE.


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